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Report: Sony working on a six-camera Xperia smartphone

admin Jun 11

Remember the penta-camera on the Nokia 9 PureView? We might soon see a hexa-camera smartphone, one that will allegedly have six cameras on the back, and it is reportedly being developed by Sony. In addition to the six cameras on the back, the phone would also feature two front-facers, for a total of eight cameras, according to the report.

It is unknown how these cameras will be arranged, in what pattern, and what their main functionality will be. It is too early to speculate, as “the device is still in development”, according to the original report. It would, however, make sense to have at least a main shooter, a wide-angle lens, a zoom lens, and a ToF sensor, inside that particular arrangement.

Since it very early stages of development, it is probably going to be a 2020 phone, but Sony could surprise everyone if it manages to prepare the phone by end of this year. If the report is accurate, we’ll hear more about this device in the future.

I heard #Sony is working on a new #Xperia Smartphone featuring a total of six lenses on it's rear as well as two cameras on the front.

The device is still in development which means that specs and further things are still unknown.



— Max J. (@Samsung_News_) June 10, 2019

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