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iOS 13 Beta hints of USB-C ports on the 2019 iPhone XI

admin Jun 10

There’s a long-standing rumor that Apple will ditch the proprietary Lightning connector on the iPhones for USB-C and it seems like 2019 is the year rumors turn into reality.

The latest bit that suggests the move is near is a recovery screen from the iOS 13 Beta that shows a USB-C cable pointing to a computer in place of a Lightning cable pointing to iTunes.

#IOS13 #iOS13Beta Plus de Lightning et d’iTunes sur l’écran de restauration, de l’USB-C ? et un futur utilitaire pour iPhone sur mac ? @LeoDuffOff pic.twitter.com/iTJj4Tp18O— Raphaël Mouton (@Raf___m) June 7, 2019


Apple has…


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