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Xiaomi Mi 9T retail box leaks, confirms it's a rebadged Redmi K20

admin May 31

The Redmi K20 will launch as the “Xiaomi Mi 9T” in some markets – that’s no secret, Xiaomi’s tweet confirmed it. What’s more interesting is where this photo of the retail box comes from – the image below was shared by a tech reviewer from Dubai.

Xiaomi Mi 9T retail box (a rebadged Redmi K20)

See, the K20 will be known as either the “Redmi K20”, “Mi 9T” or “Pocophone F2” depending on where it’s sold. In China, it’s K20. In Dubai – and perhaps the rest of the EMEA regions – it’s Mi 9T.


Naturally, the Redmi K20 Pro will follow suit and launch as the “Mi 9T Pro” and “Pocophone F2…

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