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Google pushing out Play Store redesign with easily accessible navigation bar

admin May 31

One of the most annoying things about today’s smartphones is that the screens are simply too big for many people. This makes it difficult to reach UI elements if you don’t have massive hands. Thankfully, Google is making things a little easier with its latest Play Store redesign.

Reddit user b_boogey_xl spotted the tweaked Play Store UI, showing a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier for users to quickly access the games, apps, movies/TV, and books section. Check out the screenshot below.

New Play Store?


We’re glad to see Google adopt a bottom navigation bar in its app, and hopefully we see more Google apps offer this option. But the Mountain View firm isn’t the only company making UI changes with larger screens in mind.

Editor’s Pick

Samsung‘s One UI Android skin is specifically designed for one-handed use, bringing a navigation bar to the bottom of its phone screens as well. We’ve also seen the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung implement a one-handed mode, which effectively reduces the screen size in order to bring things within reach. But another approach, like the aforementioned bottom navbars and buttons, would certainly be welcome on these devices.

Hopefully we see more Android OEMs improve one-handed operation, because it would definitely make life a lot easier for those who don’t have gigantic mitts.

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