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CooTek’s HiFit is a Fitness App with Video Coaching, Custom Workout Plans and More

admin Jun 13

Getting fit can be an expensive and time-consuming business. A gym membership will cost you an arm and a leg, and a personal trainer is the sort of luxury that only the 1% can afford. Plus, who has the time to drag themselves to a workout?

Fortunately, there’s a cheaper and easier way. All you need is a modest smartphone or tablet and you can be getting ripped whenever and wherever you please.

HiFit, from developer CooTek, is a complete exercise and fitness regime that you can hold in your hand – and here are four reasons why you should download it right now

Workout anywhere at anytime

No equipment is necessary, with all the workout courses being around 7 minutes long. The app prompts you to do workouts as often as you like too, no matter you are at home, in the office, or even on a business trip.

Professional and customized workout plan

Coming up with a workout plan is the first thing you’ll do. Once you enter the app you’ll be invited to enter info like your age, your sex, and your weight. You’ll also be asked what your goals are, whether they be to lose weight, gain muscle, anti-aging, posture adjustment, and so on.


The app will ask you how often you want to exercise as well, so you don’t have to pestered by it on a daily basis if you only want to log a workout once or twice a week.

Video coaching to avoid injuries and guarantee your performance

HiFit comes with a huge exercise list, so you can learn about all the fancy lunges and lifts that those intimidatingly fit people at the gym get up to. And the app puts everything across through slick instructional videos, complete with a coaching voice.

It’s like having a coach on video chat, explaining what each exercise is for and how you ought to do it. You’ll be taken through warm-ups and cooldowns too, thanks to the app’s scientific approach to keeping your body injury-free and operating at peak performance.

It’s free to download

HiFit is free to download. If you could do with boosting your fitness (and, let’s face it, you could) then download it right now on the App Store.

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